Turbine talks in teasers (again) about Book 12

So the Turbine Developers and Community Coordinators sat down last night with the folks over at Stratics for their regular Dev Chat; During the chat the devs were their usual selves with the joking and whatnot, but some interesting tidbits did appear.

One of the oft requested features for the game is Fishing.. yes Fishing, sitting down with a Rod & Reel and playing the line for some fishies. I can totally see my Hobbit Hunter doing this! Sadly, it isn’t on the horizon yet; but it is moving towards the horizon rather than being kept on the ‘backburner’. Here is the snippet:

Sprite – *JaySpeed* Since no one brought it up last month I guess I’ll ask. Can we expect to see fishing included in book 12 or beyond? I know there’s been no confirmation its even being added to the game but throw me a bone. =)
Annuvin – I am very certain that fishing is sliding (glacially) away from “Dubionia”, towards “Feasabiland”. With that said, it will not be part of Book 12. With luck, hope, and numerous sacrifices to the Sun God Ra, it will happen soon.
Patience – YEEEESSSS. Fishing!
Saffron – The tourism in Feasabiland is quite nice.
Patience – Our evil plot may be succeeding, Saffron. 😉 * LOTRO_Saffron feels empowered!

That is pretty good news for the fishers (well, the evil plots aside).

Another ‘beef’ some players have had is the lack of character customization, informal clothing, and the ability to use new character features after release (right now you have to create a new character to get new hair styles and whatnot), Book 12 is looking to solve the feature concern as well as bring along some new non-fighting clothing like dresses and whatnot. Here is the relevant quote:

Sprite – *Theulin* will the players be able to change their appearance each time new options are made for appearances? (but not race / class / origion changes, just appearance). I get sad when new options are opened, but i have to reroll to use them..hahahaha
Keth – Oh yeah, baby. Book 12 is gonna have a “barber shop” (that’s not the in-game name), so you can change your hairstyle, add a beard or add some other flavor, such as a scar. (For a price.)
Keth – In addition, we have the “outfit system” coming in Book 12.
Keth – This system will allow you to wear only the appearance of an object, while using the stats of another.
Keth – So if you want to go out and battle Thorog in a dress, feel free!
Keth – You’ll still have the stats of your sweet epic armour.
Keth – (Oh yeah, dresses and other social clothes are coming in Book 12 as well.)

I can finally get that smoking jacket!

There were alot of other things hit upon like the creation of a new PvMP dungeon, some skill updates, etc. To view the whole log visit the Stratics site here.

So, in my first real post I bring you geekiness from geekdom – enjoy!

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