Patch Tuesday with Zing yesterday

Yesterday, to commemorate Microsofts wonderful ‘Patch Tuesday’ during which some major stability issues were ‘fixed’ for Vista (or so they said) – CheckPoint decided to hop up and give away a 1 year subscription to their anti-spyware service (which includes the Firewall apparently).

Free AntiSpyware

What does this say? Well, I guess it could be taken by the unscrupulous soul to be a dig at Microsoft and their patches (Put 2 and 2 together folks [+tinfoil hat/manic delight mask]: New Patch from Microsoft + Free Anti-Spyware software = Microsoft Patch is spyware!!! – spread that one around and see how many people believe it), or maybe ZoneAlarm is noticing that people don’t much like their system resource hogging software anymore.. especially not when there are other, much more friendly, software packages out there (Like Comodo Firewall, and many others).

The promo from CheckPoint ends tonight at 8pm – so if you really want to.. rush on over and grab your free stuff now! Heres the linky:; try not to squee with joy eh?

Day late and a dollar shy.. but there ya have it.

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