Walmart + Linux.. a Match of Success?

Walmart and Linux

Apparently, the new low cost ‘green’ PC that comes installed with gOS has been more of a success than Walmart could ever have anticipated. People flocked to this new item and Walmart is now out of stock, this has caused them to move up their ‘Black Friday’ delivery to an earlier date so they can put more on the shelves. Who ever would have thought that Walmart would be so successful selling a PC that had Linux installed? Heck, whoever thought that a Linux PC would have so much appeal.. but it must be money sense talking here.

gOS is a ‘modified’ version of Ubuntu Linux that is ‘optimized’ to run with mainly Google Applications; your installation comes preloaded with Google Toolbar + Firefox, links to all of Googles online services, and a nifty Google Search applet right on the desktop. The website for gOS ( is pretty sparse on details, and their ‘Support’ section is a measly ‘FAQ’ with a bunch of posts from people hoping for help. Even lacking much information I have decided to install gOS on a virtual machine to see if it is worth anyone bothering with, I will post with some screenies and information sometime in the near future.

My sarcastic cynicism aside, this new PC and the operating system have been getting some good reviews around the web; looks like Linux might get a better retail presence.. which can only be good for Linux users, as Hardware Manufacturers and Game Producers will finally notice that there is indeed a market there.

Stay tuned to Walmart and gOS to see how this will fare!

As a side note: its ironic that the ‘step up’ of that particular PC that has Windows Vista still has plenty in stock.

Note: I am not affiliated with gOS or Walmart, nor do I much like either of them. My opinions remain my own.. so there!

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