So Where have I have I been and Whats going on?

Some good questions in the title eh? Well, needless to say things haven’t been going too smoothly for me. I have yet to get a job and financially things are just getting out of control. I haven’t really been doing much online or on the computer – well, not that I have wanted to write about at least. I have some YouTube videos now that I will share, and I will share what is in the future for me:

I am re-entering military service. Yep, thats right – Now, I don’t know any of you readers, and you don’t know me – but as my Profile page says, I served 4 years in the Navy. I am re-entering service into the Army this go around and intend to make a career of it. There are quite a few reasons behind this move, money is a big one – but also respect. Respect for those I work with, and respect from those I work with; that is something severely lacking in the civilian job scene (at least here where I live).

Now what does this mean for the Blog? Well, I intend to try and keep it up when I am in the Army – I will probably be turning it into more of a generalized blog rather than gaming/computer focused; but it will go on. I will share interesting tidbits with you (whoever y’all are) and hope that I can liven the site up and bring something good to read to ya. I will keep with game information (as I can), reviews, random videos, and whatever else I feel deserves a spot as well.

Thats it for now, I will have some sort of post coming up so on though – stay tuned.

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