Heading to MEPS

In an hour or so I am going to be heading up to Springfield MEPS station to stay the night – tomorrow morning I take my Physical Exam for entry into the US Army. I am a little nervous, not because of the physical – but because of the PT test that is to follow; I know that I am not in good enough shape for it yet – I have been trying hard but am still falling short when it comes to the run. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I am thinking it will be.

Not much else is going on, I turn 29 this week – something I am not really looking forward to; mainly because, well, its just another day. I will be going out to lunch with an old friend for my Birthday but I would rather just have 20.00 or so and hit the local bar.

Well, time to finish getting ready.

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2 Responses to “Heading to MEPS”

  1. joep72 Says:

    Carlos – Congrats and best of luck in your pursuit of becoming a Soldier. It’s one of the most honorable things you will ever decide to do. Your country needs you and we respect your decision. Keep us posted on how it goes – what MOS you pick, etc.

    Thanks for your willingness to serve.



  2. Carlosjuero Says:


    Thanks for the words – got an update coming as soon as I get enough sleep to write coherently. Also – adding your blog to my blogroll; just because.

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