MEPS Update

So heres an update on what happened at MEPS yesterday – I was going to post it last night but was a tad to worn out.

The MEPS is located on Westover ARB (Air Reserve Base) in Mass, and the hotel they put us up in for Monday night was there too (Air Force Hotels system); other than no water pressure and a fridge whose noise kept me up most of the night, the hotel room was pretty darn nice. The chow they served was good too (if you like that sort of service at least ;)).

The physical itself went pretty good, I had to get sent for an optometrist consult because they didn’t have the equipment on hand to accurately measure my vision (oddly enough). I need glasses (of course, I knew that and said so – I just haven’t been in work for a while and when working I rarely had insurance coverage. I have been using the same pair of glasses for years now – not a good thing). Nothing went wrong in the physical though, I was passed as being enlistable [Not A-1 choice grade meat, but still enlistable – my vision knocked my grade down ;)].

I was lucky that I wasn’t going into DEP today (I am waiting on an RE waiver) because the place was empty by the time I came back from consult and the Guidance Counselor in the Army office was gone already. I luckily got a hold of the last doctor to sign me off though. After the Physical, my recruiter took me to a field on base and had me run the PFT – I passed with ‘decent’ scores; I did pretty good on situps, but came a tad too close to my minimum on the run & push-ups. It was a pass though, and that allows my waiver processing to begin. At some point during the past few weeks, though, I lost my SSN card so I have to go and get a new one – my recruiter has my Original Birth Certificate though (for my packet) and it might be needed when I hit the SSA offices [he is in Mass so it is a bit of a hassle for him to come and get me unless it is absolutely necessary]. I am going to see if I lost my card here in the apartment or elsewhere.

My job in the Army is slated to be 92G – Food Service Specialist (translation: cook); however, the Army Ops Manual says that 92G requires 100% color vision, I am red/green deficient [which I told my recruiter – he said my transition from MS [Navy Cook] to 92G would go through anyway because the Army would see it as saving money on training or something]; Being Red/Green deficient limits the jobs you can have in the Army to mainly Desk Jockey type things – not really my cup of tea (though I will take it if I have to). I am going on my recruiters word right now but I know the deal; I ain’t some new booter just joining the service for the first time (speaking of which, some of the new booters that were @ MEPS to ship out were kinda… ‘special’ if you know what I mean. Ah well, boot will work ’em out – though I wonder about this one Marine booter I saw.. he reminded me of Major Dad’s assistant on the Base [dating myself with that]).

In other news: Not much is new. Got another threatening letter from the electric company – don’t know what to tell ’em though; no money means no money. In another month (at the outside) it won’t matter as I will be in the Army but right now.. meh.

Thats enough rambling for now; might write again later.

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