New page coming to the blog soon

I will be adding a new page to this blog soon with a bunch of little freeware applications I have created over time, as well as some web scripts I have come up with (when I think to package and document them). I used to have a small consulting company (self run) but I had to close it up due to lack of work in this area. I am going to be closing the site down that my company was out of, and moving all of the apps that I had created and put up there over here.

I am going to be doing programming ‘on the side’ of my Army career (along with gaming of course) so you can expect to see new offerings now and then. Most of my software apps are things I made as convenience to me, nothing really special – but people have found them useful (or so I have figured by the download #’s I have seen).

I will update when the page is ready and the files put where they need to be.

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