Enlistment Update – 05/13/2008 2219

Here is an update on my enlistment process.

This morning I got picked up by my recruiter and headed up to MEPS with the full intention of swearing into DEP as a 92G…

Did that happen? No. Instead, I went up to MEPS – waited for about 5 hours for them to tell me that, due to my color ‘deficiency’ (I would love to smack the people who say I can’t tell Green & Red colors) I am no longer MOSQ (Job Qualified) for the position I want. So what do I do?

I sit down and tell Top (Top Sergeant in charge) to tell me what is available. It comes back as either 42A (Human Resources) or 68W (Medic) – I am not much into the whole medical field so I choose 42A. 10 minutes later I am sitting on a ship date of 20080611 to WTC in White Sands Missile Range, NM. I do not, however, swear into DEP?

Why? Well, I am prior service – my previous oath of service still bonds me. I also have more requirements of me than a standard IET (booter); I needed 2 sets of fingerprints done, and I have to have more info on me when I go to ship.

As it stands though, I am officially enlisted in the United States Army as of 2030 tonight. It took a full day of waiting around (gotta love the Hurry Up and Wait mentality) but I got it done. It really helps that today is Mission Day for USAREC and the end of the Recruiting Month; it means they are on a drive to finish as many packets (properly) as humanly possible.

Hua soldiers – a new one is heading down the line.

Gotta get some sleep (or try) – I am bushed.

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