Hellgate London officially shuts down on Jan 31, 2009


is closing its servers… Though not really a suprise, considering the rocky road the game has been on the past few months, this comes as a horrible blow to the game and game community. Flagship Studios has been having a really rough year, laying off most of their staff and stopping development on the F2P MMO Mythos, the fate of the game has pretty much been hanging in Limbo for months – the recent announcement by (who took over server support) to shut down game servers and support for the game on Jan 31, 2009 spells the end of the line for this unique game. No one is really certain who now holds the IP to the game, nor where that IP will be taken (if anywhere).

I bought the game well before the problems started creeping up, and am actually a bit sad to see it end. The game has a good story line and a nice playstyle – the bugs in the game can be gotten past by focusing on the game play itself. Farewell Hellgate: London – it was fun while it lasted.

(Note: Offline play will still be available, but the chances of a final ‘fix-it’ patch coming are just about nil; so users will have to live with the bugs that are currently alive and well in SP mode – the phantom Patch 2 never got beyond testing stages).


For The Living!


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