Majesty 2 Demo Impressions

I had a chance to jump into the Majesty 2 Demo and, not surprisingly, liked what I have seen so far. This post is going to be my thoughts on the Demo – I will do a review of the full version once it is released.

If you are af an of the original Majesty then you will surely enjoy Majesty 2 – the feel is the same, the surly heroes are the same, but the graphics updates and gameplay tweaks make it a wonderfully exciting experience. You can now use the mouse wheel to zoom in on your budding kingdom, and the details are gorgeous. From spell effects of your bumbling clerics or mages, to the parts of buildings flying off when an Ogre decides to play baseball with your town.. everything just looks pretty.


Overall control has been improved as well, you can easily place flags via buttons located on top of the mini-map – this makes targeting that Ogre destroying your town much easier. Increasing the bounty on a flag is now done via the ‘multi’ menu on the right hand of the screen rather than in the flag information panel like the original Majesty. Buildings have more upgrade options for heroes (For example, you can produce amulets and the like at your merchant’s now instead of mainly potions), each guild has special upgrades for their members (Elven Sight for rangers increases their view radius).

The game is definitely worth the ‘new game’ price that its going for (40.00 on GamersGate/Direct2Drive) – it brings Majesty into the modern world in a smooth manner, and it will definitely suck up hours of your day. So what are you waiting for? Downoad the Demo now at FilePlanet!

Heres a short YouTube video showing why it is important to watch where you place your buildings:

Want to buy Majesty 2 online? I suggest GamersGate or Direct2Drive (digital download services) – for a limited time you can get Majesty Gold for free with a purchase of Majesty 2:

M2-BoxArt M2-d2d-BoxArt

Purchase from GamersGate (39.95)
Includes free copy of Majesty Gold

Go to Product Page

Purchase from Direct2Drive (39.95)
Includes free copy of Majesty Gold

Go to Product Page

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
Majesty 2 is copyright 2008-2009 1c Company/Paradox Interactive. All rights Reserved.
GamersGate is a registered trademark of GamersGate AB.
Direct2Drive is a registered trademark of IGN Media.

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not affiliated with Paradox Interactive, 1c Company, Direct2Drive (IGN), or GamersGate. I get no monetary compensation for writing about this game or any of the games/items I blog about. I do it for the fun of it.


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