GoG.com Mod Spotlight – Duke Nukeum 3D

posted a special Mod Spotlight on one of the FPS genre defining titles: . The spotlight goes over mods that bring this great old classic into the modern age of computing and include a High Resolution Texture mod, Weapon Mods, and much much more.  Considering that Duke 3D was one of the games I grew up playing, I just had to post about this.

Mod spotlight: Duke Nukem 3D

The original Duke Nukem 3D is a game that never gets bored. Even you’ve finished it 3, 30 or 300 times you’ll never get enough of the good ol’ Duke – you know it and we know it. But if you’d like to something a little bit different, the Duke Nukem community has prepared couple great modifications – some bring you more of the Duke-gameplay and some make it even better (yeah, right). Below you’ll find the spotlight on couple cool Duke Nukem 3D mods!

keeps coming up with awesome content for their site, and continue bringing classic gaming goodness to the light of the modern day computer.

Keep it up GoG!

What is GoG.com?

GoG.com is a site that brings the classic gaming back to the masses at really good price points. Thats not all though, each game GoG releases has also been gone over to ensure compatibility with modern machines; All GoG games are supported on Windows XP and Vista – even if they were released before the OS in question!

Another huge vantage to GoG is that all GoG games are 100% DRM free. You buy the game and its yours. No activation limits, no disk checks, no authentication required; which means you can install the game(s) on any computer you own. You can also re-download your games as many time as you like.

Key Features of GoG.com

  • Critically acclaimed games
  • DRM-free
  • Unbelievably low prices
  • XP & Vista compatible
  • Classy community

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