Not dead :p

Haven’t updated the blog in a while but I want to assure my readers that I am still going strong – I have just been distracted lately, and coming up with an article idea for this blog.

What has been distracting me? Well, between Dragon Age: Origins (with its impending release and its ‘companion’ flash game: Dragon Age Journeys), looking at Torchlight (an upcoming ARPG created by talent that was behind FATE and… Diablo [and the much missed Mythos] now living together in Runic Games), and guest writing over at the Grey Wardens website.

I hope to have my article idea up here today some time, or at least this weekend. I doubt it will garner me more page views than I get daily right now (less than 30 on average) or more comments, but I hope it will be a good discussion tidbit :).

Back to distractions!

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