Borderlands: First PC DLC Released

The First DLC for the PC version of has been released today after a few weeks ‘delay’. Console users have already been playing “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” for a little while now, and just let go the word that its .

As a whole I am not impressed with Gearbox’s PC Support for this game – for something that was touted pre-release as having a separate PC development and a PC specific UI, the game falls short. It is fun to run around and shoot stuff and pick up new guns, but I like game companies that 1) communicate with all of their customers (in this case console and PC), and 2) stick to their word.

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the DLC pack to come to the PC – you can purchase it now on and via the . Heres a small caveat though folks, apparently the DLC has an activation limit imposed… even the Steam version.


Steam: DLC DRM Notice

Who ever heard of DLC having an activation limit based DRM? Expansions.. Yes. Full Games.. Yes. DLC?! I rarely get too worked up about games and game company practices, but Gearbox is heading towards my waste basket. Sorry, just telling it like I feel.


New Dragon Age: Origins DLC – Return to Ostagar

Today announced a new Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for . “Return to Ostagar” allows the player to go back to where it all begins, the ruins of Ostagar – now infested with Darkspawn. Here the player will be able to recover the Kings armor, defeat a bunch of nasties, and maybe get some revenge for those who fell.

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ARPG Fans Rejoice… a saviour is night…

Ok.. maybe not a saviour, but probably one of the best looking ARPG’s to date is due to release tomorrow. What am I talking about? Torchlight – created by a bunch of folks who were behind the ill-departed Mythos, as well as a few talented folks who worked on that obscure title.. Diablo.

There are many videos on YouTube right now from press-release copies, the reviews have all been outstanding and I, for one, am agreeing by just what I have seen. There are also some live streaming videos from people with reveiw copies, on,, and

So get ready folks, a brain blasting addicting ARPG is on its way… if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet do so now! Theres a link on the left hand navigation to the pre-order page on GamersGate, but its also on Steam, Direct2Drive, PerfectWorld and will be on and WildTangent soon. Its only $20.00… you cannot go wrong there.

PS – I guess I forgot to mention one of the best parts of this game… it will have a full featured Toolset provided free of cost with the game. The toolset is the exact same toolset that the developers designed the game levels with, and will be able to modify just about every single portion of the game.

Dragon Age Origins: Character Creator Release; Social Site Opening

Greetings folks, just a quick news tidbit – the Character Creator has been officially released (on )! This program will allow you to play around with character creation options for the game, and even save the character for use in the game when it releases.

On another note, the website is temporarily offline, I am thinking this means the imminent release of the Social Site which was also scheduled for ‘release’ today. Lots of good stuff form today! The only thing I am unsure of is the purported Flash based DA:O game that is supposed to coincide with the other 2 launches, more on that when I get some information.

Upcoming Changes in LotRO – Siege of Mirkwood: Legendary Item System


The most recent developer diary on the Lord of the Rings Online website talks about some upcoming changes to the System. It is looking to be a pretty major overhaul of the Legendaries system, and all LI’s (Legendary Items) will have their stats reset so people can properly choose new ones with the updated system.   Not having a Legendary Item yet myself, I can’t really say how this will affect me, but it looks like much of the player feedback about LI’s has been addressed, and that is a good thing. I expect to see some complaining from folks on the forums who see things as fine right now (and maybe don’t want others to be ‘up to par’ with their own stats), but this should be a good update overall.

Developer Diary: Legendary Item System Updates | The Lord of the Rings Online

Developer Diary: Legendary Item System Updates Page 1 of 3 Overview In The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™, we’re updating the Legendary Item system that was introduced in Mines of Moria™. This revision of the Legendary Item system incorporates most of the feedback we have received about Legendary Items since they were introduced. Identification and Reforge Changes One of the primary issues with the system is that players have to invest a large amount of time before knowing that a particular Legendary Item is “good.” We have changed the identification and reforge process to front load the system a bit more. The initial legacies placed on the Legendary Item (LI) at identification are pulled from only the “best” legacies. This ensures the LI has some desirable legacies and the player can make a good guess whether that LI is worthwhile before spending time leveling it.

is the newest upcoming expansion to – it will join the existing expansion and provide many base game updates (available to all players) as well as expansion specific updates.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE™: interactive video game © 2009 Turbine, Inc. and patents pending. All rights reserved. Middle-Earth Poster Map © 2007 The Saul Zaentz Company, d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises (SZC), under license to Turbine, Inc. All rights reserved. “The Lord of the Rings Online”, “Mines of Moria”, “Shadows of Angmar”, The Watcher logo, “Conquer the World Beneath”, “The Lord of the Rings”, and the names of the characters, events, items and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of SZC under license to Turbine, Inc.

Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood Expansion Launch Date announced.


The latest expansion to Lord of the Rings OnlineSiege of Mirkwood – is set to launch December 1st. There are a few perks for pre-ordering apparently; Lifetime members who order an ‘Adventure Pack’ (which seems to be a DLC type item (2 character slots, shared storage access)) get Siege of Mirkwood for free.. of course, you pay 19.99 for the Adventure Pack – depending on the pricing of the expansion this might be a good thing (details on the expansion show it to be a mini-expansion, I wouldn’t expect full price to be more than 39.99.. but I could be wrong).

There are a few other goodies to be had with various conditions, check out the forum post linked to below for more information.

Siege of Mirkwood™ Launches December 1st! – The Lord of the Rings Online™ Forums


Turbine Unveils Special Pre-Launch Offers Including the New LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack

WESTWOOD, MA – September 29, 2009– Turbine, Inc. announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™, the new digital expansion to the 2008 MMO of the Year will launch on December 1st in North America. Turbine also unveiled The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Adventurer’s Pack which contains what every player needs to survive in the chaos of Mirkwood! Siege of Mirkwood and the LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack are scheduled to launch on December 1, 2009.

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Majesty 2 Demo Impressions

I had a chance to jump into the Majesty 2 Demo and, not surprisingly, liked what I have seen so far. This post is going to be my thoughts on the Demo – I will do a review of the full version once it is released.

If you are af an of the original Majesty then you will surely enjoy Majesty 2 – the feel is the same, the surly heroes are the same, but the graphics updates and gameplay tweaks make it a wonderfully exciting experience. You can now use the mouse wheel to zoom in on your budding kingdom, and the details are gorgeous. From spell effects of your bumbling clerics or mages, to the parts of buildings flying off when an Ogre decides to play baseball with your town.. everything just looks pretty.


Overall control has been improved as well, you can easily place flags via buttons located on top of the mini-map – this makes targeting that Ogre destroying your town much easier. Increasing the bounty on a flag is now done via the ‘multi’ menu on the right hand of the screen rather than in the flag information panel like the original Majesty. Buildings have more upgrade options for heroes (For example, you can produce amulets and the like at your merchant’s now instead of mainly potions), each guild has special upgrades for their members (Elven Sight for rangers increases their view radius).

The game is definitely worth the ‘new game’ price that its going for (40.00 on GamersGate/Direct2Drive) – it brings Majesty into the modern world in a smooth manner, and it will definitely suck up hours of your day. So what are you waiting for? Downoad the Demo now at FilePlanet!

Heres a short YouTube video showing why it is important to watch where you place your buildings:

Want to buy Majesty 2 online? I suggest GamersGate or Direct2Drive (digital download services) – for a limited time you can get Majesty Gold for free with a purchase of Majesty 2:

M2-BoxArt M2-d2d-BoxArt

Purchase from GamersGate (39.95)
Includes free copy of Majesty Gold

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Purchase from Direct2Drive (39.95)
Includes free copy of Majesty Gold

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Majesty 2 is copyright 2008-2009 1c Company/Paradox Interactive. All rights Reserved.
GamersGate is a registered trademark of GamersGate AB.
Direct2Drive is a registered trademark of IGN Media.

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