Game Decisions – What to play

I haven’t been doing much gaming recently. Between spending too much time on websites reading about games, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and just generally feeling ‘meh’ I just haven’t gotten around to anything. I am going to try and remedy this though over the next few weeks. I have a ton of games sitting and collecting virtual dust on my computers disks, so I need to make some choices on what to play.

For Online MMO gaming I am going to go with my old reliable and get back more often into , I will also dabble with (Free) off and on when I want a different experience.

For some fulltime offline gaming I will be working on a small variety of games of which I will list below:

  • War Game: Hearts of Iron II – I plan on making some ‘theme’ posts on my progress in this game (like newspaper stories in the time period)
  • RPG: This is a toughy, I have so many RPG’s on my drive right now but one of my mains I think will be Mass Effect – I stopped playing without getting too far in, and really need to continue on with it
  • Random Slaughter: This one will be a tie between and Torchlight.
  • Fillers: I will probably throw some filler game time in with Medieval II: Total War now and then, but I have to try and keep the list short so I don’t get too overwhelmed and go back to a rutt of not playing anything.

Hopefully I can keep myself out of various forums and actually do some gaming over the next few weeks. I would love to be able to actually finish one of the many games I have installed so I can move on to a new one. I believe I will start out tonight by first jumping into some Hearts of Iron II (I will be taking Great Britain through the war years), and then maybe an MMO or RPG later on.

Has this happened with any of you? Where you have gotten sort of out of touch with the gaming you want to do and then have to make choices on what to play?

Happy Gaming.


Borderlands: First PC DLC Released

The First DLC for the PC version of has been released today after a few weeks ‘delay’. Console users have already been playing “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” for a little while now, and just let go the word that its .

As a whole I am not impressed with Gearbox’s PC Support for this game – for something that was touted pre-release as having a separate PC development and a PC specific UI, the game falls short. It is fun to run around and shoot stuff and pick up new guns, but I like game companies that 1) communicate with all of their customers (in this case console and PC), and 2) stick to their word.

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the DLC pack to come to the PC – you can purchase it now on and via the . Heres a small caveat though folks, apparently the DLC has an activation limit imposed… even the Steam version.


Steam: DLC DRM Notice

Who ever heard of DLC having an activation limit based DRM? Expansions.. Yes. Full Games.. Yes. DLC?! I rarely get too worked up about games and game company practices, but Gearbox is heading towards my waste basket. Sorry, just telling it like I feel.


Champions Online – Free Weekend Play

Starting on Thursday, November 27th at 10 AM (Pacific) – Cryptic Studios will be ‘hosting’ a Free Weekend period of play time. During this time anyone can sign up and play the game for free until November 30th at 10 AM (Pacific). So if you want to try an adventure out in Millenium City, but don’t want to have any strings attached, dive right into the free play. I see this as a sign that maybe the game isn’t quite where Cryptic had hoped it would be, this is the second free play period in the space of about 2 months.


Head on over to the Champions Online website to learn how to get going with this free period.

New Dragon Age: Origins DLC – Return to Ostagar

Today announced a new Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for . “Return to Ostagar” allows the player to go back to where it all begins, the ruins of Ostagar – now infested with Darkspawn. Here the player will be able to recover the Kings armor, defeat a bunch of nasties, and maybe get some revenge for those who fell.

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ARPG Fans Rejoice… a saviour is night…

Ok.. maybe not a saviour, but probably one of the best looking ARPG’s to date is due to release tomorrow. What am I talking about? Torchlight – created by a bunch of folks who were behind the ill-departed Mythos, as well as a few talented folks who worked on that obscure title.. Diablo.

There are many videos on YouTube right now from press-release copies, the reviews have all been outstanding and I, for one, am agreeing by just what I have seen. There are also some live streaming videos from people with reveiw copies, on,, and

So get ready folks, a brain blasting addicting ARPG is on its way… if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet do so now! Theres a link on the left hand navigation to the pre-order page on GamersGate, but its also on Steam, Direct2Drive, PerfectWorld and will be on and WildTangent soon. Its only $20.00… you cannot go wrong there.

PS – I guess I forgot to mention one of the best parts of this game… it will have a full featured Toolset provided free of cost with the game. The toolset is the exact same toolset that the developers designed the game levels with, and will be able to modify just about every single portion of the game. Mod Spotlight – Duke Nukeum 3D

posted a special Mod Spotlight on one of the FPS genre defining titles: . The spotlight goes over mods that bring this great old classic into the modern age of computing and include a High Resolution Texture mod, Weapon Mods, and much much more.  Considering that Duke 3D was one of the games I grew up playing, I just had to post about this.

Mod spotlight: Duke Nukem 3D

The original Duke Nukem 3D is a game that never gets bored. Even you’ve finished it 3, 30 or 300 times you’ll never get enough of the good ol’ Duke – you know it and we know it. But if you’d like to something a little bit different, the Duke Nukem community has prepared couple great modifications – some bring you more of the Duke-gameplay and some make it even better (yeah, right). Below you’ll find the spotlight on couple cool Duke Nukem 3D mods!

keeps coming up with awesome content for their site, and continue bringing classic gaming goodness to the light of the modern day computer.

Keep it up GoG!

What is is a site that brings the classic gaming back to the masses at really good price points. Thats not all though, each game GoG releases has also been gone over to ensure compatibility with modern machines; All GoG games are supported on Windows XP and Vista – even if they were released before the OS in question!

Another huge vantage to GoG is that all GoG games are 100% DRM free. You buy the game and its yours. No activation limits, no disk checks, no authentication required; which means you can install the game(s) on any computer you own. You can also re-download your games as many time as you like.

Key Features of

  • Critically acclaimed games
  • DRM-free
  • Unbelievably low prices
  • XP & Vista compatible
  • Classy community

LotRO News Update – Orion on Factions/Rep; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

LotRO News Update – Sneaky Hobbits LotRO Blog – Orion on Factions/Reputation; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

Sneaky Hobbits

Lord of the Rings Online Developer Orion posted on his My Lotro blog regarding the Faction/Reputation system. In his post he talks about the reputation system as it is and how he is looking to work on it to bring it up to ‘par’ for players who see it as lacking. He goes over how the system is working currently, and how he sees it to be working in the future – I have to say, the post is quite an interesting read:

Lots of interesting information posted by Turbine today – should keep the forumites busy I think.