Champions Online – Free Weekend Play

Starting on Thursday, November 27th at 10 AM (Pacific) – Cryptic Studios will be ‘hosting’ a Free Weekend period of play time. During this time anyone can sign up and play the game for free until November 30th at 10 AM (Pacific). So if you want to try an adventure out in Millenium City, but don’t want to have any strings attached, dive right into the free play. I see this as a sign that maybe the game isn’t quite where Cryptic had hoped it would be, this is the second free play period in the space of about 2 months.


Head on over to the Champions Online website to learn how to get going with this free period.

Sneaky Hobbits Update – New LotRO Lottery!

Update from Sneaky Hobbits:

LotRO Lottery – Win stuff for your characters! « Sneaky Hobbits

Turbine announced today a new meta-game experience for Lord of the Rings Online, the LotRO Lottery! Playing the LotRO Lottery is as simple as logging into your My LotRO account, and selecting various drawings via a widget on the left hand side of the screen (default location).

This sounds like a very nifty system! I know that I will be trying my luck at it (though my luck with online competitions tends to.. well.. suck).

LotRO News Update – Orion on Factions/Rep; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

LotRO News Update – Sneaky Hobbits LotRO Blog – Orion on Factions/Reputation; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

Sneaky Hobbits

Lord of the Rings Online Developer Orion posted on his My Lotro blog regarding the Faction/Reputation system. In his post he talks about the reputation system as it is and how he is looking to work on it to bring it up to ‘par’ for players who see it as lacking. He goes over how the system is working currently, and how he sees it to be working in the future – I have to say, the post is quite an interesting read:

Lots of interesting information posted by Turbine today – should keep the forumites busy I think.

LotRO Quest Log Update – Questing in Angmar Part 3

LotRO Sneaky Hobbits Alert:

Sneaky Hobbits

Jumped into Lord of the Rings Online during daylight hours today to get some more questing in Angmar done, as well as to take advantage of the +25% XP enabled for the current Welcome Back Week event (Fall Festival is running now too folks!).

Lord of the Rings Online Fall Festival Live!

LotRO Sneaky Hobbits Alert:

Fall Festival is Live… No, Really « Sneaky Hobbits

Well, the Lord of the Rings Online fall festival should be 100% live right now, Sapience made a post on the LotRO forums about it:

Read the entire post

From Sneaky Hobbits LotRO blog.

Fall Festival… False Start… Sorry Folks

Well, the fall festival for was scheduled for today, but it was ‘tentatively’ scheduled (something I probably should have pointed out huh?). All reports from In Game show the Festival has not gone Live yet, no word on the front but it looks like it is delayed.

I will be sure to update when I find out that the festival is indeed truly live.


(Credit for alerting me to this goes to Goldenstar & Merric from A Casual Stroll to Mordor via Twitter)

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Lord of the Rings Online: Welcome Back Weekend

will be having a Welcome Back ‘weekend’ from October 15th through October 21st. During this time period previous players of LotRO can come back to their accounts and play for free, and everyone who plays will receive a 25% XP buff for the duration of the event.

Looks like it is a drive towards the release of the next expansion () as the forum post regarding this points out that any returning customers who re-up with a multi-month subscription plan will receive for free.

Quoted Source:

Posted by Sapience:
During The Lord of the Rings Online™ Welcome Back Week from October 15th through October 21st, you can play your old characters for free and get a +25% XP Bonus. Plus, if you come back now and renew your subscription to LOTRO with any 3-, 6-, or 12-month $9.99/month* subscription plan by October 31st, we’ll give you The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™ digital expansion for free! (Click here) for full details!

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