Borderlands: First PC DLC Released

The First DLC for the PC version of has been released today after a few weeks ‘delay’. Console users have already been playing “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” for a little while now, and just let go the word that its .

As a whole I am not impressed with Gearbox’s PC Support for this game – for something that was touted pre-release as having a separate PC development and a PC specific UI, the game falls short. It is fun to run around and shoot stuff and pick up new guns, but I like game companies that 1) communicate with all of their customers (in this case console and PC), and 2) stick to their word.

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the DLC pack to come to the PC – you can purchase it now on and via the . Heres a small caveat though folks, apparently the DLC has an activation limit imposed… even the Steam version.


Steam: DLC DRM Notice

Who ever heard of DLC having an activation limit based DRM? Expansions.. Yes. Full Games.. Yes. DLC?! I rarely get too worked up about games and game company practices, but Gearbox is heading towards my waste basket. Sorry, just telling it like I feel.

`Carlosjuero Publisher Added – Kalypso Media Digital is at it again, they have signed another publisher (Kalypso Media Digital) to their catalogue of games. This will bring titles like Port Royale, Incoming, Expendable, and more to the lovers of classic gaming!

Games like Incoming, Mobile Forces and Expendable set to tempt fans of DRM-free classic PC games.

After celebrating our first anniversary with the crazy “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promo, this week we’re not stopping. We’re pleased to announce that another publisher has joined the DRM-free movement. Kalypso Media Digital will release some of its notable back-catalogue titles like Incoming + Incoming Forces bundle, Expendable and Mobile Forces creted by Rage Games studio and the first part of Ascaron’s business strategy series – Port Royale. The first games are already available at for just $5.99 each.

City of Heroes Coming to Macintosh!

Thats right! NCSoft has partnered with TransGaming Inc to bring the City of Heroes experience to the poor benighted souls using the Macintosh Hardware/OS.

Excerpt from the Press Release

SEATTLE and TORONTO, Ontario, October 30, 2008—NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, today announced a partnership with TransGaming, Inc. (TSX-V: TNG) to bring their award-winning City of Heroes® franchise to the Apple® Macintosh®. The game has been enabled for the Mac by TransGaming, a leading developer of portability technologies for the electronic entertainment industry. City of Heroes for Mac will be available for public beta testing with the release of the game’s thirteenth expansion, Issue 13: Power and Responsibility later this fall. The official launch will occur pre-holiday this year with a special digital-only Mac edition of City of Heroes, available across all NCsoft West consumer territories.

Read the Full Press Release

The launch of the Macintosh client for City of Heroes will be done later this fall via a special digital only edition. This will bring Mac users into the full game circle without having to use such methods as Bootcamp or Dual Booting to play.

Mac Users can pre-order the game here (Gametree Online) and they can sign up for the Open Beta here.

Welcome Aboard Future Mac Users!