Something to add…

I forgot to add one thing on the end of my last post…

I give up.

I am tired of running from the past pain.

I am tired of looking for something I won’t find.

I am tired of giving a damn when there is really no reason to… is there universe? Or God? OR whatever the hell is out there that seems to have it out for me.

You win.

That’s the plain and simple of it. Took quite a few years… but I concede defeat.

That is all – for real this time.

I just realized what I am missing… what I lost

Disclaimer: You don’t have to read this. This is for me mainly. While I wish I was drunk while writing it, I am all too sober… which makes it all the worse.

Do not read if you don’t care about how other humans feel. Do not read if you don’t like to face the reality of depression. Do not read with pity in your mind.

Last of all… do not read if you don’t want to read.

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