Champions Online – Free Weekend Play

Starting on Thursday, November 27th at 10 AM (Pacific) – Cryptic Studios will be ‘hosting’ a Free Weekend period of play time. During this time anyone can sign up and play the game for free until November 30th at 10 AM (Pacific). So if you want to try an adventure out in Millenium City, but don’t want to have any strings attached, dive right into the free play. I see this as a sign that maybe the game isn’t quite where Cryptic had hoped it would be, this is the second free play period in the space of about 2 months.


Head on over to the Champions Online website to learn how to get going with this free period.

Not dead :p

Haven’t updated the blog in a while but I want to assure my readers that I am still going strong – I have just been distracted lately, and coming up with an article idea for this blog.

What has been distracting me? Well, between Dragon Age: Origins (with its impending release and its ‘companion’ flash game: Dragon Age Journeys), looking at Torchlight (an upcoming ARPG created by talent that was behind FATE and… Diablo [and the much missed Mythos] now living together in Runic Games), and guest writing over at the Grey Wardens website.

I hope to have my article idea up here today some time, or at least this weekend. I doubt it will garner me more page views than I get daily right now (less than 30 on average) or more comments, but I hope it will be a good discussion tidbit :).

Back to distractions!

LotRO News Update – Orion on Factions/Rep; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

LotRO News Update – Sneaky Hobbits LotRO Blog – Orion on Factions/Reputation; Skirmish System Dev Diary Part 3

Sneaky Hobbits

Lord of the Rings Online Developer Orion posted on his My Lotro blog regarding the Faction/Reputation system. In his post he talks about the reputation system as it is and how he is looking to work on it to bring it up to ‘par’ for players who see it as lacking. He goes over how the system is working currently, and how he sees it to be working in the future – I have to say, the post is quite an interesting read:

Lots of interesting information posted by Turbine today – should keep the forumites busy I think.

Updates coming soon to main blog

Updates will be coming soon to the main blog at

Check there for E3 2009 comments and more.

Lack of updates

I haven’t had computer access for a while, thus the lack of updates. It is looking like I won’t be able to update until after WTC – look for more stuff then.