Something to add…

I forgot to add one thing on the end of my last post…

I give up.

I am tired of running from the past pain.

I am tired of looking for something I won’t find.

I am tired of giving a damn when there is really no reason to… is there universe? Or God? OR whatever the hell is out there that seems to have it out for me.

You win.

That’s the plain and simple of it. Took quite a few years… but I concede defeat.

That is all – for real this time.

I just realized what I am missing… what I lost

Disclaimer: You don’t have to read this. This is for me mainly. While I wish I was drunk while writing it, I am all too sober… which makes it all the worse.

Do not read if you don’t care about how other humans feel. Do not read if you don’t like to face the reality of depression. Do not read with pity in your mind.

Last of all… do not read if you don’t want to read.

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Merry Christmas (2009)

Just want to wish all my readers and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. Heres to a New Year full of gaming stuff worth talking about.

May your dreams come true.


Game Decisions – What to play

I haven’t been doing much gaming recently. Between spending too much time on websites reading about games, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and just generally feeling ‘meh’ I just haven’t gotten around to anything. I am going to try and remedy this though over the next few weeks. I have a ton of games sitting and collecting virtual dust on my computers disks, so I need to make some choices on what to play.

For Online MMO gaming I am going to go with my old reliable and get back more often into , I will also dabble with (Free) off and on when I want a different experience.

For some fulltime offline gaming I will be working on a small variety of games of which I will list below:

  • War Game: Hearts of Iron II – I plan on making some ‘theme’ posts on my progress in this game (like newspaper stories in the time period)
  • RPG: This is a toughy, I have so many RPG’s on my drive right now but one of my mains I think will be Mass Effect – I stopped playing without getting too far in, and really need to continue on with it
  • Random Slaughter: This one will be a tie between and Torchlight.
  • Fillers: I will probably throw some filler game time in with Medieval II: Total War now and then, but I have to try and keep the list short so I don’t get too overwhelmed and go back to a rutt of not playing anything.

Hopefully I can keep myself out of various forums and actually do some gaming over the next few weeks. I would love to be able to actually finish one of the many games I have installed so I can move on to a new one. I believe I will start out tonight by first jumping into some Hearts of Iron II (I will be taking Great Britain through the war years), and then maybe an MMO or RPG later on.

Has this happened with any of you? Where you have gotten sort of out of touch with the gaming you want to do and then have to make choices on what to play?

Happy Gaming.


Borderlands: First PC DLC Released

The First DLC for the PC version of has been released today after a few weeks ‘delay’. Console users have already been playing “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” for a little while now, and just let go the word that its .

As a whole I am not impressed with Gearbox’s PC Support for this game – for something that was touted pre-release as having a separate PC development and a PC specific UI, the game falls short. It is fun to run around and shoot stuff and pick up new guns, but I like game companies that 1) communicate with all of their customers (in this case console and PC), and 2) stick to their word.

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the DLC pack to come to the PC – you can purchase it now on and via the . Heres a small caveat though folks, apparently the DLC has an activation limit imposed… even the Steam version.


Steam: DLC DRM Notice

Who ever heard of DLC having an activation limit based DRM? Expansions.. Yes. Full Games.. Yes. DLC?! I rarely get too worked up about games and game company practices, but Gearbox is heading towards my waste basket. Sorry, just telling it like I feel.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to send a heart felt Happy Thanksgiving out to everyone in the U.S. who is celebrating today!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and I hope you keep coming back. Remember to give thanks for all that you have in your life, and please think of those of our troops who are overseas on this holiday.


Champions Online – Free Weekend Play

Starting on Thursday, November 27th at 10 AM (Pacific) – Cryptic Studios will be ‘hosting’ a Free Weekend period of play time. During this time anyone can sign up and play the game for free until November 30th at 10 AM (Pacific). So if you want to try an adventure out in Millenium City, but don’t want to have any strings attached, dive right into the free play. I see this as a sign that maybe the game isn’t quite where Cryptic had hoped it would be, this is the second free play period in the space of about 2 months.


Head on over to the Champions Online website to learn how to get going with this free period.